Fear, power, control, anger, and retaliation in relationships

Fear will stifle and control the “atmosphere” of the relationship. Fear of losing the relationship or at least there might be a fear that one will lose favor, or that the peace might me disturbed. (Tweet this)
The attempt to gain power and control may come from fear. If fear does not have the upper hand, then the relationship can go on with mutual love and respect. Then there would be no issue of control. (Tweet this)
Anger results from frustration over unfulfilled expectations. Unresolved issues from the past may also be a key factor in producing anger. Learn to forgive, release and lower expectations. Anger as an emotion may not be wrong, but the expression needs to be healthy.
Retaliation is childish. No need of this in a mature relationship. Forgive. Release. Accept. That is the best way. Maybe, that’s the only sensible way.
Jesus is our best example. Although we falter in our relationship with him, he continues to love us. He gave up his life as a result of that love. He asks us to do the same for others.
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