Why do some church plants fail? (6)

Seek out fellowship
Why do some church plants fail? I don’t know. But I do know that I’ve had to constantly seek out fellowship for me and for my family.
Like-minded individuals connect at deeper levels for more meaningful relationships. This is not only for the sake of convenience but it is a vital aspect of healthy families during the church planting stages.
Although we made a conscious effort, we could not build meaningful relationships with other pastors in our area. Either they were suspicious of us or they felt that we were not up to their level of expectations.
This forced us to seek out relationships with like-minded pastors in other areas. But the initiative was mostly on our part. We had to initiate the contact and work to develop the connections. I don’t recall anyone making the effort toward us.
We could not wait for others to initiate the relationships. We were in desperate need to connect. Looking back, those relationships were often a significant source of strength for us.
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  1. Trail of failures
  2. Persist in the process
  3. Stick to your values
  4. Continually share the Good News
  5. Seek out training
  6. Find fellowship
  7. Become a voracious reader
  8. Ask questions
  9. Leave a trail of influences
  10. Learn from criticism
  11. Learn from your mistakes
  12. Constantly raise up leaders

13. Be in it for the long run
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