Why pastors have such an easy job

Like most anointed men of God, I woke up at 6am, grabbed a cup of coffee and read the newspaper in our veranda. What a beautiful morning! By 6:30am, someone drove up and began thanking me for the healing they received as a result of my prayer. They also handed me a thick envelope with cash as a gesture of their thankfulness. After opening the envelope I quickly informed them that the amount was too small for such a great man of God. They quickly doubled the amount without hesitation, apologizing profusely.
At about 9am I opened a devotional app and listened to the audio while checking my calendar to see the entire spread of invitations to speak at prominent events. By then, someone drove up with a brand new car and handed me the keys, expressing their gratitude for my ministry. They told me that a man with such a high level of anointing ought to drive a new car each year. I was delighted that they recognized my stature and impeccable record of ministry.
These are just a few examples of the good life of a minister of the Gospel with such anointing. Must I say more about the fancy dinners, cruises, vacations to exotic places, and all the delightful experiences? A great man of God deserves nothing less than the best.
(if you believe what you just read, please check the meaning of the word satire, then read Hebrews 11).
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