Why do some church plants fail? (8)

Ask questions
Why do some church plants fail? I don’t know. But I do know that I’ve had to ask questions of others.
It was in 1992 that we ventured out for our second church plant (in the first one, we were not the church planters but were on the planting team and helped with evangelism and small groups). Just out of seminary, I had a degree, but very little confidence.
At that time I enjoyed the privilege of phone conversations with a seasoned church planter who had successfully planted several churches by that time. Before the call, I would take out a notepad and make a long list of questions.
By the end of our conversation, I filled several pages of notes and scribbles. Those were fodder for me to tweak what I did. This habit has remained with me through the years. I continue to ask questions about outreach, leadership, preaching, and numerous other factors that are important for leadership.
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  1. Trail of failures
  2. Persist in the process
  3. Stick to your values
  4. Continually share the Good News
  5. Seek out training
  6. Find fellowship
  7. Become a voracious reader
  8. Ask questions
  9. Leave a trail of influences
  10. Learn from criticism
  11. Learn from your mistakes
  12. Constantly raise up leaders

13. Be in it for the long run
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