Don’t respond until the “venting” is over

Otherwise the conversation and emotions will get sidetracked. Then you’ll be headed in a direction that was never intended.
This human “venting” process is similar to the pressure cooker letting out steam. The steam is only a byproduct of the processing that’s going on inside. The boiling water processes the food inside. The boiling of the water inside the pressure cooker coupled with the nature of the vessel produces pressure. The steam that is under pressure is released through the opening on the top. Thus the pressure cooker is “venting” the steam.
Don’t give too much focus to the steam. The “venting” is only an external indication of a lot of internal processing going on. Allow it to do its work. The real product is on the inside. What you see on the outside is only steam.
Wait for the venting to subside. Don’t make any decisions or plans during the venting phase. Wait. Afterward, use the internal, processed product to make decisions.
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