Why do some church plants fail? (11)

Learn from your mistakes
Why do some church plants fail? I don’t know. But I do know that I’ve had to learn from my mistakes.
Gathering people and forming them into a new community takes skill and maturity (and lots of grace from God). Such leadership skill takes time and a difficult road. Accept the fact that you’ll make some significant mistakes. These are inevitable, and necessary.
If you take these experiences in the proper perspective, you’ll certainly benefit. Take each failure and setback as a stepping stone to get you to the next level in your leadership.
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  1. Trail of failures
  2. Persist in the process
  3. Stick to your values
  4. Continually share the Good News
  5. Seek out training
  6. Find fellowship
  7. Become a voracious reader
  8. Ask questions
  9. Leave a trail of influences
  10. Learn from criticism
  11. Learn from your mistakes
  12. Constantly raise up leaders

13. Be in it for the long run
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