Don’t ask if you’ve already decided

It was my final year of college. An important decision had to be made (a resignation). I thought through various options that were before me. I considered the implications that each option presented. I mulled over these things for several weeks as I struggled with making the decision.
Then I remembered that I should talk it over with my pastor and mentor. We sat in a restaurant with coffee mugs in hand as we had done many times. He asked me to share what’s on my mind.
After bringing out all my thoughts regarding the issue and the various options before me, he surprised me with a piercing statement. “Alexi, it seems you’ve already made up your mind.”
Wow! I didn’t realize it, but the decision was already finalized within me. Maybe I was just “bouncing” off a decision that I’d already made.
Now, I see this happening in others. And I hear myself repeating the same words I heard several decades ago. “It seems you’ve already made up your mind.”
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