Is it time to give up?

Be faithful, learn, and keep doing what you’re called to do. It’s common to copy successful people and hope to get the results they got. How many times have you tried that? How many people have you copied in the past?
Don’t expect success at the rate others have attained it. There may have been factors in their life and career that you don’t know about. You are unique and your experiences are different from everyone else.
Be faithful to your task. Don’t cut corners. Continue to focus on quality even if the returns are less than you’d like. Faithfulness will keep you “in the game” even in difficult times.
Keep learning even if you are a seasoned veteran. Maybe you’ve heard the term: “A carpenter never wastes time sharpening his tools.” Sharpening tools is never a waste of time. It is an investment. Seek out opportunities to learn and to be mentored by others in your field.
Keep doing your task on a consistent basis. Don’t give up. You’ve got to keep on, month after month, year after year.
The rewards will come. Delay is not failure. It’s just another route to success.
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