Emotions and the ear

“But that’s not what I meant.”
“That’s not what I said.”
“You’ve changed my words around completely.”
These are common responses from people as they speak to someone who is emotionally stirred.
Words may be spoken clearly, but the decoding is muddled with emotions. The speaker’s intentions are misunderstood, and the focus of the message skewed. The bottom line is, be careful when you speak to someone whose emotions are stirred.
The better option is to just listen. Allow the person to speak what’s in their heart. Don’t give too much value to the words you hear. Much of it is simply “venting” their emotions. Just listen.
A few simple questions are good. But not too many. Make them simple questions. Most of all, allow their emotions to settle. Let them listen to their own words. This way, they’ll better understand what’s within them.
The emotions and the ears are connected in quite a unique and challenging way. Work with it.
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