Lead well, Live well

Everyone leads someone. Leadership isn’t about titles and position. It’s about taking a step forward as others follow.
In your family, there are people who look to you for direction and companionship. They look to you to set an example in the daily struggles of life. Step up and lead – in your family.
You may not be the boss where you work, but you can lead. John Maxwell wrote the book The 360 Degree Leader where he suggests that you can lead from any position in the organization. Set the example for others. You set the pace for excellence and for integrity.
You may be asking “But, what is leadership?” Jesus set the example for the world as a servant leader. Wherever you find yourself, serve. Help others excel in what they do. Be the enabler, encourager, and friend.
When you take this perspective, your life is well lived. The most fulfilled people are those who impact the lives of those around them. Because they Lead well and live well.
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