Two types of education

One creates brilliant people who work hard and work smart. These are people who benefit themselves and their families. The other system creates leaders who create jobs and opportunities for many.
So, are leadership traits developed or inborn? Both. Some people portray a strong tenacity and confidence that is conducive to leadership. These people grow quickly in their leadership abilities and are recognized as leaders.
How are leaders created? Develop in young people the skill to think freely. It’s not good enough to memorize lots of data. Learn to figure out how and where that data can be used.
Another major key to leadership is the ability to accept people as they are and to help them to excel. They should be taught to never ignore the weak. Every person has a contribution to make. Focus on the strengths of every person and help them to develop in the areas of their weaknesses.
While a smart, hard working person will do well for themselves, leaders also benefit the people around them, and ultimately the society.
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