Does God cause evil in our lives?

It’s an unimaginable thought. The word “evil” mentioned in Job 2:10 can be translated as disaster or calamity. But it’s difficult to think of God causing trouble or disaster in our lives.
But God in his sovereignty knows what it takes to build us and mold us. His aim is to transform us into his own likeness. Sometimes it takes problems and even disaster to break off unwanted things in us so that God can build what is required for us to become more like him everyday.
When everything fell apart in his life, his wife asked a question that is a common thought for many: “Why don’t you just commit suicide?” She knew that God was his only hope, but even God wasn’t responding. Now the only option for her was death.
God is not the author of evil. But God was there in the disaster. Nothing makes sense in life, but as long as God is present he will make sense of all things. He has a plan for our lives. Trust him till the end.
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