Choosing the nicer one – for me

I searched for a T-shirt to wear. “This one is a nice one. I’ll save it for later, for another time when I go someplace.” I have a tendency to keep old, worn out shirts so I can wear them at home or for my morning walks. But this time I caught myself. Why can’t I wear the nicer one for myself? Maybe It’s time to reconsider my perspective.
I began thinking in such “minimalist ways after I began reading Leo Babauta’s writings. Although I don’t consider myself to be a minimalist, my thinking has begun to shift. I’ve begun to let go of old, useless items that I thought I might need some day.
But what about the T-shirt? I wore the nicer one. And I continue to choose the nicer ones to wear. But I haven’t found a better, more comfortable substitute for old, worn out blue jeans.
Some of you who read this may relate with this struggle. Our self-image truly does impact our confidence and work.
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