When words are useless

Out of a genuine desire to help people in distress, we often try to say consoling words. Sometimes we may even try to come up with reasons why their problem has occurred. There can also be an attempt to find some ultimate good or purpose for the suffering. Each of these attempts turn out futile as those who suffer cannot think beyond their suffering.
In the Bible, Job was a man who experienced horrific and multiple tragedies in his life. When word got out, three of his friends came and sat with him silently for seven days. Certainly the presence of his friends was comforting for him (Job 2:13).
Finally his friends broke the silence and each one began to speak in turn. But their words turned out to be disastrous for a man in such a situation. Maybe it was better that they kept their mouths shut (Job 16:2-3).
The presence of friends and family bring a certain level of assurance that  we’re not alone. Couple that with solitude and it can be a great source of inner strength that will help us to face challenges. Times of solitude can be an opportunity to experience God’s presence. So cut the distractions and spend time alone with God and sit silently with those who suffer.
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