When you want to dim the lights

You’ve been wanting to get rid of some things in your life. On top of that list are habits and attitudes that ultimately work against you. You know that in the long run, these are the things that will keep you from moving forward – and may ultimately break you.
I’m constantly reminded of the words of the old song “…and the things of earth will grow strangely dim” (Turn your eyes upon Jesus). Those things you want to get rid of will get pushed back to the shadows as the light of Jesus shines brighter in your heart.
But the struggle increases when the light comes on. Those unwanted things begin to show up even brighter than ever before. This is why people often wonder why trouble increases when they come to Jesus. At this point, bring it to Jesus and crucify the fleshly desires that wage war against your soul.
It is at this point that the things of this life begin to grow dim. The light of Jesus comes and shines on you and brings a shadow on those things you need to get rid of.
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