Does life have to make sense?

We have carefully defined a set of cause and effect patterns that seem logical to us. But life just seems to “happen” all of a sudden. It comes in the most unexpected way and without warning.
You said that God was your strength and confidence (Job 4:7). You held on to integrity in all your interactions with others. They mocked you for holding on to integrity, but you held firm and said that since you trust God, you will continue in such ways.
We have certainly seen the wicked perish (Job 4:8). Those who do evil may prosper for a while, but eventually their lives fall apart right before our eyes.
But let’s think logically. Can human beings ever be right before God? (Job 4:17) Will we ever have the right to stand up to God? We may do some good things and try to live an acceptable life. But is that ever enough for a holy and righteous God?
We want to make sense of everything in life, but that just doesn’t work. We need to trust God. He is faithful. He knows what is best.
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