A weird war

One side asks permission to attack? How absurd. What kind of warfare is this? I’m not sure if you can even call this warfare.

This is exactly the situation with Satan in God’s presence. In the life if God’s servant, Satan can do nothing without permission from God.

In fact, God is the one who initiated this contention in the first place by asking “Have you considered my servant job…?” (Job 1:8; 2:3)

It seems that God is trying to prove a point. He brags on Job to a point that Satan “must” attack. But that attack was only possible with prior permission from God.

So Job is caught in the midst of this verbal tussle. Satan tries to disprove God’s portrayal of Job as a man of integrity. With permission, Satan sets out to disprove God.

The problems we face as believers are part of a test. They are a test to prove our integrity and faithfulness to God. We don’t need to fear or think of it as warfare. Otherwise it would have been a weird war. It’s just a test. Stay faithful. Keep your integrity.

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