Why so many denominations?

This is a common question people ask me as I share the Good News of Jesus with them. They look at all the different denominations and point to disunity.

Yes, there is disunity and plenty of problems in the church. That’s why we need God to come transform us into the image of his son Jesus. We are all in the process of being transformed.

But there is another key factor in this mix. God has created people with different tastes. Each denomination has its own style of worship. Some have a different perspective on theology. The church I am part of has its own set of values that defines who we are. Styles may vary, but the values remain the same.

the central and vital factor for Christian churches is their view on Jesus Christ. We believe in the divinity of Jesus and that there is forgiveness of sins through him only. That’s our central point of Faith. If we can agree on Jesus, the rest is open for discussion and variety.

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