One of God’s Direct Reports is Satan

         Too many of us fear the havoc that Satan can bring to our lives. Tragedy and hopelessness are all around us. We see it in the lives of so many people. Thus we wonder when we too will face such things. Or maybe, you are facing one of the most severe trials in your life right now.

In the first and second chapter of Job, we see Satan “reporting” to God. It is obvious that God has control over the activities of Satan here on Earth. He can do nothing to you that God doesn’t allow.

Now, this may not seem so comforting when you are facing extreme pain and suffering. But like Job, the true question is, do you trust God? Would you trust him to know and do what is best for you in the long run?

In addition to all this, would you submit yourself to your creator to do with you as he pleases? He has a purpose for your life and a plan for you to live out that purpose.

Satan is completely under God’s control. He reports to God and gives account for all he does, even what he does to you. Without fearing Satan, trust God.

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