Expectation created by a vacuum

Losses can often be filled easily. It just takes the right amount of money and other resources. Add a sufficient amount of willpower, and most losses can be filled.

Some losses are deeper and more long-term. They cannot be easily replaced. Sometimes never. This causes a vacuum within the person. Significant long-term losses create a vacuum with the person.

A deep and long term vacuum causes a significant need that only Jesus can resolve. The longing in your heart that Just can’t be filled by anything – is waiting for something greater, more significant.

Anna became a widow at a young age. She filled her loss by remaining in the presence of the Lord day and night with fasting and prayer. She waited expectantly for the promised Messiah, Jesus Christ. At age 84, she finally got her wish.

Your loss creates a vacuum that only Jesus can fill. Stay in God’s presence. Enjoy the presence and love of Jesus. He is sufficient to fill every vacuum.

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