The Risk of Things Going Well

Whenever Job’s sons had a party, he responded with intercession and prayer for them. Maybe Job knew that trials and difficulty tend to drive us to God, but prosperity and celebration often turns our hearts away.

I’ve thought of this as odd that Job took it on himself to do this for his children. I suppose Job knew that things are not different with his children. He was aware that celebration and prosperity has turned many away from God. I’m sure he has seen this in the lives of many people.

It is intriguing that Job kept his faith in God while he was prosperous and prominent in the land. He didn’t allow his wealth to impact his heart and to turn away from God.

Then the trials came. The testing began. But he stayed firm and kept his integrity. But Satan had reversed this concept. He thought that people would turn to God in prosperity and that they would turn away in the face of difficulty.

How will you respond?

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