The un-fruit

On our church property we planted several banana plants and coconut tree saplings. But for a long time, those saplings were mostly ignored. That particular place is a wide area lower than the rest of the property that needs to be leveled sometime in the future.

Due to a lack of fertilizer and water, these items just barely survived and continue to be small. They haven’t grown beyond a few feet and they definitely haven’t produced any fruit.

Considering the age of those plants, they should have produced fruit several times already. Time is only one factor. The soil, environment, water, and the right kind of fertilizer at appropriate quantity is a must.

Same for us. Time is not sufficient for bearing fruit. Cultivate the environment. make sure you are receptive to the Holy Spirit and to others. Keep a humble attitude and remain a lifelong learner. Allow others to speak into your life. That input will be an investment into your fruitfulness. Otherwise we look good, but we remain with no fruit.

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