When your knowledge becomes “windy”

    Knowledge is usually “weighty” and highly regarded. It’s value is beyond measure. People are willing to pay large sums of money to acquire knowledge.
    But there is a point where knowledge becomes “windy.” Life defies knowledge and tragedy pushes understanding to the side. Knowledge, understanding, and logic are sorely insufficient to make sense of life.
    But those who face the tragedies of life with an open heart toward God get to listen in on the “council of God” (Job 15:8). There, you find wisdom beyond the mundane aspects of life. Perspectives stretch broader than those with a closed heart.
    We know that God’s ways are beyond our ways. But his knowledge and wisdom are much beyond ours. So if life doesn’t make sense, keep your eyes on God. He has things figured out. Our knowledge is too “windy to carry us anywhere.
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