Limited incarnation

    With the incarnation of God, there was an emptying of some divine aspects. It’s not clearly defined what was emptied from the Son Jesus as he took on humanity.

    That emptying might have been some kind of trade-off as he took on humanity. Some human limitations would require him to let go of certain divine attributes.

    One particular human limitation that he did not take on was the propensity to sin. This is the one aspect of humanness that could not co-exist with divinity.

    But he was tempted in every way as we are, yet without sin. If sinfulness was a part of Jesus’ nature, he would not qualify to be the perfect “lamb of God” who would be sacrificed for your sins.

    He was bombarded with temptations all around him just as we are. But he stayed separate from sin. So was it unfair that he faced temptations without the sinful nature? Now now that’s an interesting thought. But remember, Adam and Eve were in that same predicament.

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