Take any side you want

    I remember the exciting days on the Debate Team in High School. One by one we took the various issues of the day and chose which side we wanted to take. We chose the side not because of any personal conviction. It was an arbitrary choice.

    Words can be formed to support anything or to oppose anything. It all depends on how you form the words. When Job’s friends were taking turns accusing him of wrongdoing, Job responded:

“I also could speak as you do, if you were in my place; I could join words together against you and shake my head at you. I could strengthen you with my mouth, and the solace of my lips would assuage your pain” (Job 16:4-5).

    The choice is in your hands. You could accuse and find fault in everyone. Or you could strengthen people with your words. Choose the latter. Strengthen those around you.

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