Don’t you hate to wait? It makes me feel like I am wasting my time. Although we don’t like to, we are often forced to wait. Waiting does several things within us.
    Value assessment – It helps us to assess the true value of what we are waiting for. Maybe it’s not much of value. Or, it’s not worth the time, and we may get up and explore other options. But you may also come to the conclusion that it is really worth the wait.
    Self assessment – We get to asses our need for that which we are waiting for. Is the reason prompted by selfishness? Maybe we want to look significant before others. Or we may want it because others have it. It’s also possible that we think we can’t live without it. But you may decide this is something that will add value to your life and you are willing to wait patiently for God to answer your prayers.
    Yes I hate waiting. But waiting is not wasting.
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