In spite of despair

    How deep can a person go in despair and still hold on to God?
    I just got a phone call from a friend who has been battling depression for some time. He mentioned how he held on trusting God to come through. Although it took several months, he pulled out of it completely.
    There are others who just can’t hold on to God. They turn to alcohol, drugs, suicide and other vices that eventually destroy every aspect of their lives.
    In his deepest despair, Job could have turned to various other means for comfort. But he kept his eyes on God. Even death was not an option. Here is what he said about looking forward to death:
“Where then is my hope?
Who will see my hope?”
(Job 17:15)
    It’s time to make a choice today. Who will I turn to in despair? How far will I go in seeking comfort? The options are many. But the only true answer is to keep your eyes on God as Job did.
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