Misunderstood silence

    When trouble and tragedy come your way, people will misunderstand you. They’ll think you’ve done some terrible things to deserve this. The best approach is to be silent. Otherwise, speak less.
    But even your silence may be misunderstood. They’ll think you’re groping for words as you try to cover up your guilt. This is what Job’s friend Bildad assumed about Job’s silence. He said: “How long will you hunt for words?” (Job 18:2a)
    The reality is that trouble strikes everyone. The righteous and the unrighteous suffer. The innocent and the guilty ones may experience similar tragedy. Only you and God know your true state. Stand firm and trust God to carry you through every pain in life.
    Just as your words may be misunderstood, your silence will also be misinterpreted. Don’t look for people’s approval. Trust God to bring you through every trial.
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