Failure as a prerequisite for success

Really? Then, Success takes time, effort, and more time. No quick fixes.

Without allowing time for development, training, and refinement, leaders may falter. They may have knowledge, but lack the refinement that comes through experiences – especially failure.

I recently heard a church planting consultant list some of his requirements for church planters. On the top of his list was an age requirement of 35 years. When questioned about it, he said he could go down to 30, but still prefers church planters to be at least 35 when they begin the planting process.

He specified the church planter needs a certain level of experience in life that only comes through time. Time allows for experiences. Those experiences allow for failures. Then those failures bring refinement that can only occur through failure.

So don’t set aside those who have failed in life. They may be just the right person for success.

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