The blessing of obscurity

For leaders, obscurity is one of the most difficult aspects of life. As leaders they gravitate towards people. They are thrilled by activity. And yes, they enjoy getting some exposure.

Paul the Apostle was a prominent figure in Judaism. But when Jesus met him, he changed the direction of his life. One of those important changes was to take him into obscurity. The text is not clear, but for about 14 years, Paul was not in the limelight. He was unknown to the prominent apostles in Jerusalem. He was in obscurity.

God does some important things within us while we’re in obscurity. He works on our self-identity and our ego. It becomes a time of learning and growth. Another difficult task is to build obedience into our character. Then, we get the privilege of drawing close to Jesus. When we have no one else, we learn to lean on Him and to love him more. I’m sure he is doing plenty more while we’re in obscurity. Are you there now?

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