Are you impatient with God?

It’s one thing to suffer. But it’s entirely a different story when some suffer in silence. When pain prolongs, our patience wanes.

Sometimes we become impatient with people in the course of our pain. That impatience hurts the people who are closest to us. These are the people who reach out to help us in our desperate condition. But our impatience may even drive them away from us.

Job’s friends were also offended with his impatient attitude (Job 4:5). They said that he instructed many people in the course of their struggles. But now, when problems came to him, he became impatient. They were upset with his attitude. They expected him to act differently.

Later, Job clarified that his impatience is not with people but with God (Job 21:4). Job said, “Why should I not be impatient?” Because God knows every aspect of the situation. He also understands us thoroughly. He even understands us better than we understand ourselves.

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