My weakness, my coolness

Being cool is definitely cool. And you want to be cool as often and as long as possible. Therefore, you would never think of sharing your weaknesses. In fact, your goal will be to hide your weaknesses.
But Paul said he will rejoice in his weaknesses. Now, that’s absurd. Ignoring, covering up, or even improving yourself are the common things you’d want to do. Yet there is a clear reason for Paul’s claim that he rejoices in his weaknesses.
For him, Christ is exalted and allowed to be in his rightful place. When Paul paints a clear and accurate image of himself, it is truly an image of weakness. Then only can Christ be allowed to do his awesome work.
The other reason is that you can quit faking it and be yourself. Of course, you don’t want to be obnoxious or rude. But you can be real. And the real you is the coolest form of you there is. By now you’ve figured it out that it’s a given. Adversity is part of life as much as breathing. It’s a fact that no one denies.
But you may not have accepted the fact that on the other side of adversity, advancement awaits you. No, the purpose of adversity may not be advancement. It just seems to follow adversity. It truly is the natural outcome of almost all adversity you will face.
So, should you seek adversity? No need. Just hang around and it will find you. But Don’t fear. There’s advancement and acceleration on the other side.
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