Why don’t you do something, God?

God seems to be silent. Especially in the midst of tragedy and evil. We expect him to respond quickly when evil strikes. But no, there seems to be no response.
“From out of the city the dying groan, and the soul of the wounded cries for help; yet God charges no one with wrong (Job 24:12).
Doesn’t God care? It seems he is silent at the most crucial moments. As if he doesn’t care at all.
Job continues his rant about all the evil he has seen in society. One by one he lists each tragedy and points to the hopelessness he observed in society. And in the verse above, he makes a bold statement “yet God charges no one with wrong.”
Although God wasn’t the author of all that Job faced, he allowed it to happen. God has an ultimate, long-term plan that we are not aware of. The plan is not to destroy but to build. Our task is to remain faithful and to trust him.
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