How much can you suffer before giving up?

I remember the old Popeye cartoon where he says “I’ve had all I can stands, and I can’t stands no more.” When his patience gets tested to the limits, he opens his can of Spinach for extra power and pounces on his opponents. And what a wonderful ending to the episode as he and Olive Oyl walk away hand in hand into the sunset.

How long can you stand trouble and heartache? How long will you hold onto your integrity? To what limits will you keep trusting God? Actually, we’ll never know till we get there!

Job said “…till I die I will not put away my integrity from me.” Sure, any one of us can say those words. But it’s different when it comes from Job. His integrity is the “tested” kind.

Suffering clearly tests your integrity. Tested integrity is genuine. Before God and before people, the genuineness of your integrity is clear. Those whose integrity is tested can be trusted.

Allow God to transform you through pain. We know that gold that’s tried in the fire comes out as pure gold.

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