Confined to the pastoral ministry?

Is it some kind of a prison sentence? I’ve heard this statement from people who feel that the pastoral ministry is somewhat of a limitation. The pastoral ministry is only limited as you limit it by your mindset. If you can somehow free your mind to think openly and broadly, the future can be without limits.
I’ve heard it from many people. Their words are often filled with a sense of trepidation. There seems to be a fear that if they step into the pastoral ministry their life would somehow be limited.
What type of ministries are in your heart? What passions grip your heart for people in your community? Or, do your dreams take you across the globe?
Whatever your dreams for ministry, it is best done from within the context of the local church. The best option is to plant a church and from the beginning, set the pace for outreach. Set the DNA of the church towards openness to the community and to the globe. Then, You’re not following your dreams all alone. You have an entire congregation with you.
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