Give the next generation a head start

But we often get hung up with our own stuff. Our day to day tasks burden us to the point where we can’t even pay attention to the next generation. Thus we become incapable of showing the way.
It is our task to give the next generation a head start by preparing them and pointing the way to their future. Without this, they may end up taking an extra ten years or more to get a grip on how they need to move forward.
Learn to be a mentor or coach to the younger generation. But first, you’ve got to learn to listen to their dreams and their passions. Identify those things that make them tick and get them moving.
The next step is to help them see the big picture of the world and where they fit in. How do their dreams fit into the overall flow of what’s happening? Once they get that, things become clearer, and they are ready to move forward.
But this doesn’t happen overnight. The vision unfolds gradually as they experience life. Your task is to be there for them as a coach and as a cheerleader.
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