Value in existence

Think of the billions who currently live in this world and so many who have passed on before us. Each generation comes and goes. For a small number of people, their memory continues in the history books. But for most people, their memory may only remain for a few generations of their descendants, but that also dies out.
So, what in the world is the value of your existence? After you’re gone, you’ll be completely forgotten in a few years. Your memory may only live on for one or two generations. Do you have any significance other than to live and to die?
First, you have a unique contribution to make. That contribution is initially in your immediate and extended family. Your love, care, and any other means of expression is a contribution. That contribution also extends to the community around you. Your contribution is unique and valuable.
Second, you have a unique place in the heart of God. He is the one who knit you together in your mother’s womb. His love for you began even prior to that when he thought of you before the earth was created. You have the opportunity to love him and to live in relationship to him. That’s your greatest value.
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