The Holy Spirit is a great teacher, but false teachings come from people

I’ve been a teacher for a long time now. But I’m realizing the Holy Spirit is the best teacher.
My teaching provides training to make appropriate decisions in life. But the Holy Spirit transforms the individual from within. Both are important, but the Spirit knows what’s within the heart of each person. Thus his work begins from the heart of the individual.
So we can trust the Holy Spirit as a great teacher like no other. He will lead people into the truth, and he’ll do that according to the needs of each person. I could never reach such depths with my teaching.
But is it enough to leave the people with the Holy Spirit and the Word? Won’t they go off on tangents and false teachings? Do we need to give more directions for their study of the word? If so, am I not doubting the Holy Spirit?
Although we trust the Holy Spirit, we don’t always trust people. People are the ones who come up with false teachings. They do this because of selfishness, alternate agendas, insecurity, and lack of knowledge.
This puts fear in many people when it comes to small group Bible studies. Yet if you allow fear to rule, you miss out on all that the Holy Spirit can do. Let the Spirit rule, and let Him be the teacher. He is the best teacher. 
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