Structure for accountability

Team leadership is an awesome model. The best qualities of each person can be maximized for the benefit of the team and the organization. There are many other benefits of team leadership as well.
But within such a team, some find it easy to hide behind those who are “more capable.” They let go of their responsibilities in hopes that someone else will pick up the slack – and someone usually does. Numerous pitfalls can occur in such a team. So we’ve got to create a structure for accountability.
Here are some ideas:
+ Conduct a brief, focused, weekly meeting where tasks, future projects, and responsibilities are reviewed and values are shared.
+ Keep Notes/Minutes for such a meeting on a cloud platform (Like Google Drive, Dropbox, or others) for all team members.
+ Maintain a group on WhatsApp, Messenger, or email where messages are shared only with this group.
+ Hold Annual/Bi-annual off sites for review, planning, and casting vision
+ Finally, by all means, follow up!
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