Too fierce to be controlled

The fiercest of animals reveal something unique about God. Of all the animals, and birds, and reptiles, there are a few that can’t be tamed, harpooned, or caught. These animals are truly powerful and stand out above all others.
God speaks to Job about one such animal. “Lay your hands on him; remember the battle – you will not do it again!” (Job 41:8) That’s power and fierceness unlimited.
God is all that and more. There is no sense trying to control him to get your way. He does everything his way. Even for you, he has determined some blessings that are beyond your understanding. But to get there, he has designed a unique path.
You may not like that path, and you may try to resist. But no chance. His way is the only way to get to the blessings he has designed for you. Don’t resist and don’t doubt.
If you choose your own path, you’ll end up in a different destination. Submit, obey, and stick to God’s plan for you.
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