Investing in people unwilling to change

I’ve done it with hopes that they will change…one day…eventually. But they never did. I figured I must have done something wrong. After all, my job is to change people right?
That’s where I went wrong. I misunderstood my role. I was taking on the role of the Holy Spirit to change people. I did my best to change them. Then I also realized that they were unwilling to change. That was two strikes against me.
The Holy Spirit can do a much better job. He tests and searches the hearts of people to know what is within. He knows who is willing or unwilling to change. He also knows what it takes to change them.
Before you invest your time into changing someone, try to confirm if this is really your task. Are you the best one to perform this very important task? Maybe, the Holy Spirit can do the best job with this.
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