Investing in those you supervise

(Guest blog by Dr. Robert E. Logan)
One of the most important characteristics of great leaders is a focus on people development over task accomplishment. It’s more important to develop those God has entrusted to our care to the fullest extent possible. That’s true even when it doesn’t line up with what you need to get done today. The goal is an others-centered focus rather than a self-centered focus. Investing in those you supervise will reap great rewards.
Think of a staff-person you are supervising, set aside an hour, and try asking them these questions about their job development and growth:

  • What accomplishments have been most satisfying since last time we met?
  • How did you use your strengths to make a difference?
  • How have you grown in your skills?
  • What priority issues need to be addressed?
  • How do you want to grow in your leadership?
  • What new challenges would you enjoy?
  • What are your goals between now and next time we meet?
  • How can I be helpful to you in your development?

You may not like the answers you get. They may not align with your to-do list. But when you step back, what is the person telling you about where God is calling them and what he might want to do? God’s agenda may very well be different from your own.
(Dr. Robert E. Logan has over 40 years of ministry experience, including church planting, pastoring, consulting, coaching, and speaking. Having seen a great deal, Bob remains on the cutting edge of ministry through hands-on missional involvement. Bob earned his DMin from Fuller Theological Seminary. He counts it a privilege to walk alongside ministry leaders and help catalyze their ministries toward fulfilling the call God has placed on them, and he thrives in developing holistic and transformative resources that can easily be implemented in any context. Bob enjoys cycling and volunteering in a recovery community.)
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