But why do you want to plant a church?

Some set out to plant with an entrepreneurial focus. They want to establish something that is lasting and memorable. While this sounds good, you’ll be left in the dark when the results just don’t stack up. 
Others have the desire to step out and try something new. But once you’ve planted one, you are finished with what you set out to do. Then you’re ready to hand the church over to someone and try something else. 
Jesus commanded his disciples to make disciples. In his life, Jesus impacted the lives of many people in his community. Later, the disciples reflected on the life of Jesus and said: “He went about doing good” (Acts 10:38). His impact on the community was tremendous. 
But why do you want to plant a church? If you set out for entrepreneurial reasons or for a “project,” you’ll be disappointed. Rather, impact the lives of many people around you one by one, and make disciples who also make disciples. Then you’re on a good track. 
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