You’ve worked hard to develop deaders. You put in the time, effort, and energy required to set standards, develop culture and to set systems in place. 
Yet the results seem to elude you. You just don’t see it heppaning in the leaders, or in the people. How long can you persist? Even your leaders have second thoughts about you and your approach. In this situation, it is easier for us to “reset” to default like we do with our phones. 
This is the easy way out. I do it on my phone without a second thought. It’s getting easier on the laptop as well. But in Leadership, the “reset” button can be costly. When you “reset” to the good old way of doing things, you may feel some comfort because of familiarity. But don’t. 
Stay focused. Persist. Stick to your values. Keep building on your values. Avoid the reset button. Keep listening to that inner voice of the Holy Spirit within you. 
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