Basic Evangelism

Oh, I know. Say you’re not an evangelist? Not a Bible thumping, in-your-face type of person? I don’t think Jesus was either. Actually, he just helped people, and introduced them to the Kingdom. Then, he went one step further and asked them if they wanted to take the next step (Mat 16:24). 
So here’s a simple plan. Be natural. Take it slow. Let it flow. Such non-threatening types of evangelistic efforts are great for those who are not natural at approaching strangers. Many call such methods “Low Risk, High Anointing.” If you’re only able to get to the first step, count it a success. Then aim for the next step, and so on. By all means, pray and ask the Father to show you which ones he is drawing to himself. 

  1. Connect

Take the first step to connect with people by speaking to them. Be friendly. Ask questions. Be curious. Speak less. Allow them to speak more. Listen. Put your phone away and listen without distractions. Connect with people. 

  1. Relate

Go deeper than just a basic connection. You may have started the conversation talking about sports, the weather, politics, road conditions, or any popular topics related to your community. But don’t stay there long. Go deeper by relating with them. Find out what their concerns are. What’s important to them? Where does it hurt? Where is the struggle? 

  1. Introduce 

Take the next step to introduce Jesus to them. At the point of concern, pain, struggle, or grief is where Jesus comes in. I find it’s not sufficient to mention “God,” since gods are many. Find a way to mention the name Jesus and how he has impacted your life. Jesus can do that for them as well.  
Don’t sweat it. Release the fear by making this a “Low Risk, High Anointing” opportunity. If you only get to the first step, that’s fine. Count it a success! Keep doing that with lots of people. Then make it a goal to move to the second step. Count it a success! Then you move on to the third step and introduce Jesus. Note their response to identify those that the Father is calling to himself. These are the persons of peace that Jesus wanted us to identify (Luke 10:5). 
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