Fearful leader

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Ever been the timid type? Afraid? Always afraid? You’re the person who waits for others to take the first step. But, if it’s to run from danger, then you’re first. 
The following words have always been a source of strength for Israel. 

“In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength” (Isa 30:15). 

A “fearful leader” can be a contradictory term. But it’s often a reality. The problem is that you’ll end up vacillating, incapable of firm decisions. As you cower under the words of others, you’ll wonder who is the real leader here. 
Sometimes you snap back at others. Maybe out of fear, sometimes out of jealousy, and often out of ignorance of other people’s situations. 
Return to the presence of your Father. Rest in his presence. Quiet yourself in His embrace. Trust in His strength. 
Then lead. 
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