Many walk, others follow, and some die

It’s inevitable, but many will walk away from you and from Jesus. Even crowds of people walked away (Joh 6:66,67). Individuals also walked away. They were offended, they disagreed, or they just had a different agenda. Jesus simply let them go. 
Some followed Jesus. They followed for various reasons. They received healing, food, saw miracles, received forgiveness, companionship, good teaching, and other needs were met through Jesus. Although Jesus continued to give to them, he did two things: 1) He gave priority to new seekers in other places (other sheep). 2) He challenged them to go deeper in relationship and obedience. But that’s the point where these people also walked away. 
Then a few are willing to obey Jesus even to death. The demand was heavy. 

“Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple” (Luk 16:27).

Don’t be surprised if only a few obey Jesus and become his followers. 
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