Organizational culture

Culture begins at the top. Of course! Where else? 
If culture doesn’t begin at the top then each person will introduce their own. And it can end up in confusion. But you can make it value driven, intentional, and consistent. 
If your culture isn’t value-driven, then it will vacillate. It will become a moving target or ever changing like the weather that changes by the moment. But if it’s value-driven, it will remain constant longer, and will produce the results that you desire. 
Then be intentional about creating and maintaining culture. You can do this by modeling it celebrating it and emphasizing it. By doing these three, you’ll get more people to gradually adopt the culture of your organization. 
Finally be consistent and repetitive. Because culture can fade. Or maybe it leaks. Then before you know it you end up with another culture one that doesn’t line up with your values. 
Keep the culture focused. Then it will be value-driven. Ultimately your values help achieve your mission and vision. Link to Mission Vision and goals
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