Don’t sweat it; God is still in control

“You’ve got to be kidding. Looking at my life. It seems like no one is in control.” 

But it was God who brought down Nebuchadnezzar from the throne to the wilderness. When he ascended to the throne, he would have never imagined how his future would turn out. In fact, he was so sure of himself that he became arrogant. Even arrogant against God. It was God’s decision to bring him down from the throne to the wilderness. His mental condition slipped and he began to eat grass in the fields like an animal. 

It was God who raised David from the wilderness to the throne. Although he was anointed king, it was hard for him to imagine being on the throne of Israel. The nation was fragmented and the current incompetent leadership just added to the fragmentaion and disloyalty of the people. Added to that, he was hunted down like an animal by the current king. But God had other plans for him. Since God was the one who commanded that he should be anointed as king, God himself brought him to the throne. 

What an amazing unexpected turn of events for these two people. God has control much beyond the natural realm, but we only see and experience the natural. 

Then there is a supernatural realm that runs parallel to all that we see around us. God is active in the spiritual and the natural realm. And he is in control of both. It’s the way of the world to attack those who harm you. God says to humble yourself before the Lord and He will exalt you. (Jam 4:10)

His ways are counter to the ways we think. He has his own plan to lift you up. He will do it in his time. For now, just know that he is in control.

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