Was it in the water or was it in the jars?

* Today we have a guest post by Ruth Khanna (you can see information on Ruth at the bottom of this post). 

His mother came to Him and said, “They have no more wine.” It was a simple statement of fact. She didn’t say anything more, even when He countered her statement with one of His own – “My hour has not yet come.” Mary turned to the servants on that famous occasion when the wine ran out at a wedding in Cana, and said, “Do whatever He tells you.” (John 2:1-11)

Our eyes are drawn to the six stone water jars that were used, quite simply, for water. They weren’t fancy. They were simple stone jars. They were probably not even embellished. Yet they were made for a purpose. And the servants were instructed to do with them as Jesus told them to. 

He told them to fill the jars to the brim, then draw some of the ‘water’ out and take it to the Master of Ceremonies. The text says, “They did so.” They were obedient. And we are told that the Master of Ceremonies took a sip of the ‘water’ that had been turned into wine, and was awe-struck at the quality. 

How often, when we come to the end of our resources, and the wine is running out…when we have nothing more to give, and there are still so many “guests” whose cups need to be filled  – do we come, like Mary did, to Jesus, and ask for direction on how to use whatever little we have to accomplish the impossible? Or do we throw up our hands and let the situation take control of us…while the wedding guests remain waiting for their cups to be filled? 

These words strike home with great emphasis – “Do whatever He tells you to.” But are we prepared to? It seems like we are yielding control to someone else when we’re meant to be in charge.  It’s like driving blind. We’re following instructions even when we cannot predict the results. It might not seem to make sense at first – using people and resources that do not look promising enough, to accomplish an important objective that will impact the very course of people’s lives…until we do as He commands and “fill them to the brim” with whatever we have. At the wedding it was water. Maybe in our own situation it’s faith. 

Pour faith into those inadequate looking vessels and see what God brings out of them. Because where we see inadequacy (even when it comes to ourselves), He sees a miracle. 

To lead is to be obedient… to follow His instructions and, “Do whatever He tells you.” What if the servants hadn’t done so? 

So was the miracle worked in the water, or was it worked in the jars? Or was it worked through that simple obedience to an even simpler instruction? 

How many times, as leaders, have we missed out on a miracle? Rejoice when the wine runs out, because it’s time for one! Of course, we will first have to “Do whatever He tells us”!

* Ruth Khanna is pastor of Grace Vineyard Church, Hyderabad. 



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